Tomorrow’s Way [Ch.1]

Title : Tomorrow’s Way

Pairing : Donghae & Sunye (SUNHAE)

Genre : AU, Angst, Romance

Rating : G (for now)

Length : Chaptered

Disclaimer : I own the plot, sunhae own each other. This beautiful poster goes to  ~ ♥♥[Glitters & Me, Graphics & You]♥♥   thanx to you, I love the poster so  much!!! :D

Summary : Even if I don’t know what will tomorrow brings, I still think I will fall for you…

Warning : Don’t like don’t read, just as simple as that.


Chapter 1 “Love At First Sight”


Seoul, 2011.

Sunye melangkah keluar dari apartemennya dengan senyuman di bibirnya. Entah kenapa dia memiliki firasat sesuatu yang bagus akan terjadi hari ini.