Just my writings about Donghae and Sunye

credit to @raraawr

Lee Donghae and Min Sunye.

A Boy (or should I call him ‘Man’ ?) and A Girl.

A Super Man and A Wonder Girl.

They’re one of the few people who have the most beautiful voice that I’ve ever heard. A voice that could make people drown in its tenderness, a voice only god and goddes could possess because we’ll unknowingly sing along with them.

They both possess the same beautiful smile, a smile that shines so bright like sun in the sky. A smile that could make people happy just by looking at it.

They both has a very good heart, the kindness that could melt people’s heart in every way. Even just their presence make us happy. That’s how beautiful they are. My Super Man and My Wonder Girl.

They are so beautiful. Too good to be true. Too beautiful it breaks my heart when I heard the news about My Wonder Girl’s finally attached, but not with My Super Man.

I asked myself? Even I cried.


…. why???

They’re both beautiful.

They’re both flawless.

They’re both just too good to be true.

They look so cute together.

They’re like a match-made heaven.

They’re just… perfect.



Why didn’t they end up together?


 They have all the reasons to be together!

But I knew it, even when I started to ship them, I knew it’d be like this…

Even when I started to see them as a possible-real-couple, I knew it already…

I knew it…

Even if they have all the reasons to be together, they too, have one reason why they shouldn’t be together…

They don’t love each other…

Even if they’re like a match-made haeven,

Even if they’re like the epitome of perfection,

All were in vain…

Because just like I’d said before, they’re too good to be true.

But even destiny can never stop me from loving them more, and stalking them each day.

It doesn’t matter if they already had a girlfriend or boyfriend, I just love them so much I couldn’t stop shipping them.

It’s my choice, I never force you to love them like I did, that’s your choice.

But if you did love them, let’s pray for their happiness. Let’s pray for their relationship, whoever their partner are, let’s pray for it to be last forever, that’s the real meaning of being a shipper right? But while doing that, don’t forget to leave some place on your brain to spazz over SunHae fanfictions or fan-art out there. /slapped

I’ll keep writing about my lovely OTP ever forever, I hope you’ll still look for my upcoming stories. I’m not regretting the fact that I’m a sunflower, and I’m proud being one,  how about you? ^^

credit to @raraawr

Hey my dear suns… loving you was easy, losing you wasn’t. Even when we give it a time, we wouldn’t create a beautiful picture together. Our love begins with a smile. Grows with a teardrop. But I believe it’ll end with a cute ribbon on an envelop. 🙂


3 Komentar (+add yours?)

  1. Mrs.AidenPark
    Des 09, 2011 @ 06:27:20


    Oppa…. Onnie…… T__T I have BIG question…. WHY? just one word…. WHY? Like Donghae’s song, WHY? ;AAAAA;

    as you say, Hana…. They’re both just too good to be true. *crying*

    I’m never regretting my decision to be SunHae shipper. And I really really proud, really proud of my status! :3


  2. eunhyesung
    Agu 20, 2012 @ 03:09:40

    aku mendukung SunHae couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sesuatu bgt yah cuco deh


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