Sissy Boy’s Puppy Love [Ch.1]


Title : Sissy Boy’s Puppy Love

Casts : Super Junior & Wonder Girls (Eunhyuk&Yoobin Main)

Genre : AU, Drama, Romance 

Rating : G (for now)

Summary : What if the sissy boy meets an arrogant girl??

Warning : Poor story, bad grammar, bad author! Don’t like don’t read^^


Chapter 1  “Love Sick”


Lee Hyukjae or known as Eunhyuk is just an ordinary high schooler. He is the typical happy-go-lucky guy. He doesn’t belong to the popular group nor the nerd one, he is just the average type. He lives happily with his loving parents and sisters. He is loved by his friends too because of his cute gummy smile and wonderful personality. So eventhough he isn’t that popular at school, Eunhyuk is actually popular at many people’s heart.

Eunhyuk is known to be a gullible person, easy to fool and easy to believes. Many people tends to take advantage of it and it’s not a surprise anymore if you find Eunhyuk’s crying at the rooftop or behind the sports hall, there must be him being bullied by others. Everyday is always the same, but Eunhyuk’s never complaining, that never matters to him. But still, Eunhyuk sometimes wonder why his schoolmates loves to bully him so much. Is it because of his shy personality? Or his gummy smile? Or what? Why him? But then again, there is never the right answer, so he just shrugged it off.

“Eunhyukkie, you are daydreaming again… you aren’t listening to me, right?”

Eunhyuk gasped and blinked his eyes cutely, looking at his bestfriend in front of him pouting his mouth while glaring. Eunhyuk then smiled sheepishly to his best friend and says, “Minnie, I’m so sorry… I’m a little sleepy so, hehe…”

The one Eunhyuk call Minnie is named Sungmin, Lee Sungmin. He is Eunhyuk one and only best friend. They grew up together, know each others secrets, even sleeping in the same bed. Sungmin belongs to popular kind of boy. He is freaking’ cute with his foxy eyes and m-shaped lips. He is master on martial arts too, so nobody mess up with him or he surely will kick your asses. Eunhyuk and Sungmin is indeed different.

But they do have one thing in common that makes them the best of friend, they have this shy personality when it comes to girls. Never once Eunhyuk and Sungmin heard to be dating someone, or courting anyone. It’s not that there is no one interested to them but, they didn’t know how to respond to those girls’ feeling. But it’s okay, since no one caught up their attention, it’s no big deal, they’re happy with the way they live now. No women no cry, right?

“Eunhyukkie! Aishh I’m not talking to you!”

“Noooo~ Minnie forgive me! I’ll treat you strawberry milkshake, neh?”

Eunhyuk chase Sungmin who is running away from him. Fortunately he is a good runner so he caught Sungmin in no time. “Get off me! I don’t want strawberry milkshake! Get off me, I’m mad at you!” And then the two best friends are tickling each other in the park. They are laughing like there is no tomorrow.

“Sissy boy.”

Eunhyuk and Sungmin spontaneously turning their heads. There stood a girl, with tanned skin and beautiful long legs. She stared at them strangely, smirk in her lips. Eunhyuk is too mesmerized by her beauty to care about what her said earlier about him and Sungmin being sissy boy.

“Who do you call a sissy, huh?” Sungmin snapped at her. But that girl just laugh at him, well Sungmin’s angry expression isn’t scary at all, he’s still so cute.

“Of course you are the sissy boy, who else duh.” she said, still smirking beautifully at them. Sungmin frowned hearing that, he looked at his bestfriend and sighing, Eunhyuk is still busy in his lala land. “Why are we sissy?”

The girl laugh more at Sungmin, “Why do you even ask? Look at you! You wear pink clothes fyi in case you forget, and what’s with that face? Are you a girl? Sissy boy is sissy~”

Sungmin is now pouting at her. Yes, he is indeed wears pink clothes, but hey, so what if he wears pink?! It does suit him well! “You are a meanie! I hate girls like you!” he shouted at her. But now the girl stop laughing, instead she glared at them, at Sungmin exactly. If looks could kill, Sungmin would have died by now, the way she stares at them is just so dangerous, makes Sungmin shivers.

“You, don’t you think just because you’re cute everyone will loves you! I hate you! I hate boys like you! You are freak! I don’t want to meet your kind of people ever again! Use your cuteness to fool everyone! Who do you think you are?!”

Sungmin fell silent. Eunhyuk just blinks his eyes cutely, too shocked to speak.


Sungmin, Eunhyuk, and the girl look at the new comer. A girl with blonde hair is staring at them curiously, she seems to know the girl, is she her friend? thought Sungmin.

“Yoobinnie, what are you doing here? Let’s go home, I’ve finished shopping.”

The arrogant girl, who is called Yoobinnie, look at Sungmin and Eunhyuk for a moment, glared at them for the last time, and then go with her friend, leaving Sungmin and Eunhyuk confused, with what-just-happened expression on their face.

“Minnie… I think I’m sick…”

Sungmin eyes grew wider when he hear that, he then approach his best friend, “What? Is it because of that meanie girl?? She is so rude… are you okay?”

“No… I mean yes, it’s because of her but, I don’t know Minnie… there is this strange feeling when I look at her beautiful face… I think I’m sick, Minnie…”

Sungmin gasped hearing that, his best friend is so stupid but he isn’t that stupid so Sungmin knows well what Eunhyuk means by that strange feeling. “Hyukkie that can’t be… you’re having love sick… no way… why her?!”



To be continue to chapter 2 😀


So… I know it’s so horrible… but thanks to you who read the whole chapter… thanks so much! Many many kamsah! Forgive my bad english, english isn’t my native language so, yeah hehe… okay I don’t know what else to say, see you in the next chapter! 😀


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  1. aini_CHUL
    Jul 11, 2011 @ 10:41:02

    Waaaah what happened between yubin and eunhyeuk? Why does yubin hate cute boys? hummmmm curious…. hwaiting for the next chapter. Look forward for it ^^


  2. epynation
    Jul 28, 2011 @ 13:18:03

    Where is chap 2 ????


  3. marabou feather Boas
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    Have you ever considered creating an ebook or guest authoring on other websites?
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