13 Ways of Love [Ch. 1]

Title: 13 Ways of Love chapter 1
Pairing(s): Kids!HaeHyuk
Rating: G (for this chapter) 
Genre: fluff, romance?… (maybe)
Summary: when little hae met little hyuk.

[Warning: Error gramatical!!! Sorry,  english isn’t my native language after all… Don’t bother to read if you aren’t into boyXboy relationship!!!]

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

“And We Met”

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

5 years old Donghae walking with his brother to a Supermarket near their house. Donghae and his brother were asked by their mother to buy groceries for dinner. 

“Hyung, what are we going to buuuy~?” Little Donghae asked cutely to his older brother, Donghwa, who smiles at his little brother cuteness.

“Tonight, Umma will cook your favorite grilled fish. So does this smarty Hae know what we need to make grilled fish?” Donghwa asked his little brother, smiling.

The cute little Donghae thought for a moment. He put his right hand on his chin and pouted his lips when thinking. After a moment of thought as he makes a very cute face, little Donghae finally smiling and squealing with excitement. “I know! I know!” he shouts to his older brother while jumping up and down with his little feet cutely.

“We need a fish to make grilled fish! Righty? I’m smarty Hae!!!” little Donghae shouts again, still jumping and smiling. Donghwa just shakes his head at his little brother behaviour.

“Let’s buy fish, Hyung! C’mooon~!”

“Okay, okay, calm down first, Hae. If you can’t calm down, we won’t make a grilled fish.” Hearing these words, little Donghae immediately stopped screaming and jumping. He followed Donghwa walk to find a place to buy fishes. “This is my smarty Hae. Calm down and don’t go away from Hyung, or you’ll get lost. Arasseo?”

Little Donghae nodded cutely, showing his angelic smile towards his older brother, “Aratta, Hyungie!”

After buying the fishes and various kinds of ingredients for dinner, finally came time for Donghwa and Donghae to go home. But after re-checking their groceries, Donghwa realized that they forgot to buy cooking oil. Donghwa asked little Donghae to wait in the car while he returned to the supermarket to buy cooking oil. 

“Relax, Hyung! I’ll keep our car and groceries! Leave it to me!” Little Donghae says proudly to his older brother. “Dont get out of the car, I’ll be back in a few minutes. ‘kay?” Little Donghae only nods. 

After Donghwa go, Donghae then open the plastic shop to look for candies that he’d bought earlier. When he was eating his candy, he suddenly heard sound of someone crying outside the car. Being a curious little kid he is, he forgot his brother’s words and went out of the car to find out who was crying.

Once he was out of the car, Donghae saw a boy who seems to be in his age, was crying near the supermarket entrance. Seeing the boy crying alone and looks very sad, little Donghae immediately approached him.

“Are you okay?” Little Donghae asked the boy who was crying when he was already sitting in front of him. The boy was still crying, he didn’t even look at Donghae. 

“Hey, why are you crying?” Little Donghae asked again, not giving up. But the boy continued to cry and ignore him. Donghae pouts because he was ignored, but his Umma always tell him not to giving up at anyting.

“Hey, are your body hurt anywhere? Do you fight with your friend? Are your toys broken? Or your fish plushy stolen by evil aliens? Or maybe…” Little Donghae kept blabbering about scary things that might happened to the poor crying boy until he heard a soft voice speaking.

“Min… nie… fight… Hyung…”

Little Donghae stopped blabbering immediately, he stared at the boy before him. The boy had stopped crying, and now staring at Donghae with wet and swollen eyes due to crying. 

“What did you say?” Little Donghae asked.

“I… I had a fight with my brother…” The little boy says between his sobs.

“Uhh… Why’s that? 

“He was very angry because I destroyed his stuffed bunny…”

Little Donghae eyes widen hearing the reason. “Oh my fishy! That’s soooo creepy! No wonder he’s angry…” And the boy was finally cried again, even harder now after hearing Donghae’s words. Little Donghae who feel guilty for making the boy crying again became panicked. “Hey… Uhh… don’t cry okay? My Umma says if we cry we’ll be kidnapped by the evil aliens! so do not cry…” He said panic, while trying hard to hold back his tears from falling. But the boy was still crying and kept crying.

“Hey, look! Look! What’s that? There is something that looks like an ufo there! Surely that’s aliens who come to kidnap you because you keep crying!”

The boy who was crying fell silent, his eyes looked up at the place appointed by Donghae. And when he didn’t see anything there, he stared at Donghae, puzzled. “Where is the ufo…? Aliens..?” the boys asked Donghae, who is grinning towards him.

“Where..? Ah I know! They didn’t kidnap you because you’ve not cry anymore, so they’re gone!” Donghae exclaimed, excited.

“So… those aliens won’t kidnap me?”

“Of course!”

And the boy smiling. The most beautiful smile little Donghae ever seen for 5 years of his life in the world. “Hey, what’s your name?” Little Donghae asked the little boy sweetly.


“Mine’s Donghae, but I let you call me Hae! Can I call you Hyukkie?”


Little Donghae nods excitedly. “Neh, it’s so cute right? Just like you!” 

Little Hyukjae face flushed with embarrassment hearing little Donghae’s words just now. His face was getting more red when he nodded his head slowly.

“Omo! Your face flushed … really cute! I want to take you to my house and introduce you my toys and plushy!”

Just when Donghae about to pull Hyukjae’s hand, Donghwa’voice and three other voices that little Donghae don’t know heard, Donghwa’s voice calling Donghae in panic.

“OMG Donghae! Where have you been! I told you not to come out of the car! I’m almost crazy looking for you everywhere!” Donghwa shouted at Donghae, his face red because of anger, sweat streaming down his body.

“Eunhyukkie, are you okay? Why did you go from Noona and Minnie? We’re very worried about you, Eunhyukkie. Please don’t do that again, ‘kay?” Sora, Hyukja’s Noona said.

Little Donghae and little Donghae only cry because they feel guilty and afraid of what they’ve done. They ran to their Noona and Hyung’s embrace and apologized, crying. 

After thanking the security officer, Donghwa and Sora decides to go home. But…

“Wait Hyukkie!!!” Little Donghae shouts.

Donghwa looked at his brother in confusion. “Who is Hyukkie, Hae? he asked his little brother. But Donghae just ran toward Hyukjae without answering his question.

“Earlier, Donghwa Hyung bought me candies in the Supermarket, this is for you, Hyukkie. Umma and Hyung always give me candy everytime I cry. Because it seems you often cry, I give you a lot of candy. Eat this candy one by one everytime you cry. Later on when we meet again, I will give you more. ‘kay?” little Donghae says it all in one breath, that’s why he is so hard to breathe now. He gave a bag of candy to his new friend, smiled, then went over to Donghwa without waiting for an answer.

“You know him, Hae?” Donghwa asked Donghae when his brother already walking beside him. Little Donghae jus smiled to his Hyung. In his mind there was only Hyukkie, and he looked forward to their next meeting.

To Be Continue…


Hello my readers! (If there even any…) Thanks for reading! Comments are loved!!!

Well… this fanfic originally posted on my LJ, but I kinda want to share it here, so… here it is. Please bear with my poor english okay? I hope you enjoy the story! (^-^)b

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    I am very interested about it, will you share more detail? Like source of this story?


  2. epynation
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    Kapan terusnya ini,,can’t wait ppali wa….saerim…sarange


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